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With the rise of the internet and those looking to cash in on its uses, more and more web designers are coming out of the woodwork.  There are those who know how to properly run a web design company and there are those who see it more as a hobby.  For a serious business looking to increase their client base and sales, it is best to find the web design company that knows the power of marketing the internet possesses.  There are two types of web design businesses.  There are those that are legitimate companies and those who are merely freelancers.

Freelance web design can be helpful because it can tend to be less costly, but where less money is asked less work is normally done.  It is the old phrase you get what you pay for.  Most freelance web designers work on a part time basis.  Freelancing is the art of working without real restrictions or for anyone but yourself.  You set your own rules, hours and deadlines.  Someone who works in freelance web design understands they aren't going to be making a lot of money.  They often have another job and work on web design in their free time.  This is a less effective approach for businesses looking to have prime work done in a reasonable amount of time.  While a business will be paying less to have their web site created, they may have to deal with the hassle of slower and less efficient work.

Web design companies are the real deal when it comes to the seriousness of creating sites for businesses.  You may have to pay more money, but you will be receiving a much better end result.  These companies have updated knowledge on the world of web design and they are sure to produce exactly what a business is looking for in their web site.  They make things clear and easy for businesses on what exactly will be done and will have it done in a timely fashion.  It is always up to the business to decide which route to take, but using a web design company will more often result in a satisfied customer.


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Freelance or Company

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This article was published on 2010/10/14